Don’t worry about losing weight after having a baby michaelheim

There is nothing easy about having a baby. In fact, it is one challenge after another for about 18 years and it only stops then if you are lucky. Yet ask any parent and they will say it was worth it all. So give yourself a break. If you have just completed the miracle of birth don’t add stress to your life by trying to do everything. Focus on this achievement you have completed and take your time before embracing your old routine and goals. One of the key areas to be aware of is your post-baby weight. 

By aware of it, I do not mean concerned about it. So many mothers have their baby and immediately want to be skinny again. After all, that model/actress (insert name here) was able to return to her amazing body in just a few weeks. First of all, ignore those people. They likely have personal trainers and nutritionists as well as photoshop all doing their best to make the story work. You are not a story in a magazine you are in real life. Embrace your baby-body and give yourself time to get back to your routine.

This can be especially tough for fit moms. While pregnant so many people say “You will be back fit in no time”, “I can just tell the weight will drop off you easily”. The weight doesn’t drop off anyone easily so it can be incredibly frustrating when people make your hard work sound easy compared to their lazy attitude. Ignore these people.

If you are someone who has always wanted a family and dreamt of having a baby then keep your focus there. Don’t miss the opportunity to stop and enjoy this moment because you are worried about a little baby weight. Wear some loose clothing, embrace your new motherhood, and take your time.

Ask yourself what the rush is. These Instagram models and actresses are all trying to get ready for the next photoshoot but you are not. In fact, at the moment no one probably is. You have no deadline that you need to make weight for and no one is judging you (and if they are that says far more about them than you). Instead of focussing on your waistline focus on your mental health.

After having a baby it can be tough. Of course, something amazing has happened and you are likely very happy but you are also exhausted, not able to do things you used to, and feeling stressed out about the future. It is perfectly natural to feel a little bit of anxiety (or a lot). Instead of adding the pressure to look good to that pile just focus on being positive.

The best advice we can give you is to put the full-length mirror away for a few months, stop following a few difficult social media accounts, and surround yourself with positive reinforcement. Of course, you should still eat healthily. If you are breastfeeding then your baby needs the right nutrition and that means you need the right nutrition too. At the same time, if you are craving a pizza, eat the pizza. Your body is telling you that you need more calories to breastfeed so listen to it.

Society is always telling women to look a certain way and be a certain weight. Society is wrong all of the time but it is clearly wrong during and after pregnancy. Embrace the way you look and show society that you don’t care what it thinks. You are experiencing one of the greatest moments of your life so take it slow and be kind to yourself. Above all else, think positive.