Baby Names Meaning “Thankful”

Shutterstock: Africa Studio

If you are welcoming a new baby into the family soon, chances are that you are doing everything you can to prepare now. Preparing for your new baby includes finding the perfect name. There are many names to choose from whether you are getting a girl or a boy. Depending on your preference, there are names that mean a variety of different things. This article will focus on baby names that mean “thankful”. This genre of names is more commonly delved into for babies born during Thanksgiving and the holidays.

The first name we will look at is Graziella. It derives from Italy and means “grace”. It is not a common name making it perfect for parents who are seeking something unique for their baby girl. It is not too long, not too short and boasts elegance. Along with meaning “grace”, it also means “lovely” making it suitable for any new and beautiful baby girl. If desired, it can also be shortened to Grazia. Graziella Lucini is a star that became famous on Instagram. She personally carries the name Graziella and is from Italy.

The next name is Tatenda. Tatenda is a name used more commonly for boys, but could also be a name for a girl if so desired. It is a name that literally means “thank you” making it a good fit for babies born on or around Thanksgiving. It is not commonly used in America as it derives straight from Africa. It is a name that will not be forgotten due to its meaning and subtle uniqueness. A famous celebrity that carries the name is named Tatenda Taibu. He is best known for playing cricket and currently lives in Africa.

A name more commonly used in America is the name Asher. Asher means “blessed” or “fortunate” in Hebrew and is a name used for both girls and boys. It can be shortened to Ash if desired. It has recently risen in popularity after making a comeback in the early nineties. Before that, it was only known as a name in the Bible. Asher is a name that is being commonly used because of its simple, beautiful meaning and pronunciation.

The last name we will discuss is Baruch. Like the name Asher, it also means “blessed.” It is also of Hebrew origin. It is not commonly used and is not unisex. It is not high in popularity and mainly used within Jewish communities. Other baby names that mean thankful or have meanings close to it include Marcarius for a boy, Shakira and Zendaya for a girl, or Zelig for a boy.

This is a list of names for use when deciding on a name for your new bundle. All are perfect and each name is suitable for different babies depending on their personality, looks, and your own preference. Congratulations on your new or soon-to-be new little one.