From fun to food for your child’s birthday party


Birthday parties are a special time for children. As a parent, you might experience several emotions while celebrating your child’s special day, such as sadness because your child is turning a year old or joy because you’re excited to see all of the new things your child will learn over the next year. When hosting a birthday party, one of the things that you’ll need to do is determine what kind of food you’re going to serve.

Try to create a schedule for the weeks before the party. You can keep track of when you need to go shopping, the items that you need to get, how you’re going to prepare foods, and when you need to start cooking and setting up the food table. If you plan to order a cake from a bakery, try to place your order a few weeks before the party in case there are any issues.

Wise Timing
When you’re planning the time for the party, consider mid-afternoon. This is usually when children are active and when they want to eat a snack during the day, which means that you likely won’t need to throw anything away when the party is over.

Allergies and Dietary Needs
There could be children at the party who are allergic to certain foods or who have special needs pertaining to the foods that they eat. These include allergies to nuts or milk and conditions like diabetes that would prevent children from eating a lot of sugar. Try to offer a few items for those who have dietary needs, contacting the parents of children you invite to find out if their children need certain foods.

Healthy Choices
Even though it’s a birthday party, you can offer healthy foods that are fun. Make shapes and characters using vegetables, pretzel sticks, and pieces of fruit. You can also make skewers with different foods on them as a fun way for children to eat at the party and to help with the cleanup when the party is over.

Easy Cleaning
Consider foods that won’t make a mess. Avoid sticky items and foods that have a lot of sugar in them as they can be difficult to remove from surfaces and can also attract ants and other insects.

Although bakeries might be able to design a cake with intricate details, there’s nothing like a homemade cake to show how much you care about the guest of honor. You can add any special touches that you want to include that your child might like, such as fun colors or a special character.

Offer beverages that are healthy for children, such as juice boxes or small containers of juice. Water is a good option as well, especially if there are children who are allergic to fruits and vegetables.

Snacks and Main Dishes
Try to plan your menu around the time of the day when the party will take place. If you’re hosting in the afternoon, then snacks like pizza rolls, corn dog muffins, or fries would be options to consider. Main courses for parties later in the day around dinnertime could include hamburgers, pizza, or waffles.

Salad and Dessert
Make a fun salad for children who enjoy healthy foods. Adults might like eating a salad as well. Dessert options can include the birthday cake, ice cream, and maybe a variety of cookies or candy to take home.