How to connect with your baby before birth

Shutterstock: Prostock-studio

Being pregnant is an exciting time, but you have nine months of your baby inside you and not in your arms. While you have your entire child’s life to bond, you can also begin to bond with your child before you give birth. Of course, you can always get ultrasounds done and use headphones to listen to the heartbeat. However, sometimes that is not enough to really become close to the growing being inside you. Here are a few mindful ways to bond with your child before birth.

Create a Journal
Journaling is a great way to get emotions out into words and create memories for your child later. Set aside a time in the evening or first thing in the morning to sit and communicate your memories or feelings in written form. Let your child know your struggles during the day, things that made you smile, and even how you came up with his or her name. Feel free to write down all the things you have done to prepare for his or her arrival. Some people find it easier to write the journal in letter form, but do whatever you feel most comfortable with. Depending on the size of the journal you have, you can add pictures of the nursery, ultrasound pictures, or even pictures of your growing belly.

Read and sing to your child
While your child will not be able to hear you until closer to half-way through the pregnancy, you can get into a routine of talking to your child. It is recommended to read to your baby after birth to help him or her develop a vocabulary, but you can start before. Not only will you form memories of holding your child close, your child will know your voice after birth as a soothing person and one who cares. In addition to reading, music is a great way to soothe your child. Sing lullabies that you want to sing to your child after birth, and even sing fun tunes during the day that you enjoy.

Keep your stress low
Your health affects your child’s health and behavior, even after birth. One of the most mindful ways to bond with your child, is to help him or her learn that you are a calm, soothing, safe place to be. You do not need to take much time, but make sure you find time for yourself every day to just be alone with your child. Meditate, pray, nap, or even just practice breathing.

Create Keepsakes
The best time to test your craft abilities is while you have a little one growing inside you. He or she will not be able to get into all of your yarn, glue, paint, or other craft supplies, and you will be able to create keepsakes. Consider knitting blankets, beanies, decorate clothes, or even create decorations for the nursery. While you are releasing stress, you are giving your child something that can never be replaced.

These are just a few ways to create a bond with your child while he or she grows. The most important part is giving you a way to communicate with a being that cannot communicate with you yet. It does not matter how poor your singing skills are, or how bad your craft project turns out, you have something with your child that will never go away.