How to create an after school routine?

Shutterstock: KaliAntye

When your children get home from school, it’s sometimes better for them to know what to expect instead of entering a house that is chaotic with no routine. This doesn’t mean that every day needs to be the same, but your children should plan on when and where to do homework or when dinner will likely be served. Sometimes, your routine might need to be adjusted based on the number of children you have, emergencies that arise, or simply because your family needs a break and you want to do something fun together.

When your children get off the school bus or when you pick them up in the car line at school, they should see a smile on your face. This can set their attitude for the rest of the day. If you have a desire to be positive, then your children will usually pick up on the vibes as well and try to finish the day strong.

After a long day of learning and activities, your children will likely want a snack before dinner. Try not to give a lot of sugary treats as these can sometimes make your children tired, which could result in not being able to complete homework on time. Healthy snacks include oranges, apples, vegetable and fruit sticks, and pretzels. Use the time that they are eating to ask questions about their day and to sign any papers that need to be sent back to school.

Offer assistance with homework when it’s needed. Designate an area in your home for completing homework, such as the kitchen table or a desk. Try not to turn on the television or have a lot of loud noises in the background so that your children can concentrate on assignments. Your child’s homework area should be one that’s comfortable and that isn’t reminiscent of being in a classroom as you want your child to finish assignments instead of feeling as though the school day has only been extended. Make sure your child has all of the supplies that are needed to complete homework as well, such as pencils, crayons, and craft supplies for projects.

Stay Active
Try not to overwhelm your children with a lot of work after school. Set aside some time to watch a movie together or to play outside. You also need to stay on top of any extracurricular activities that your children participate in including sports or clubs. Enjoy special events during the year as well, such as vacations or holiday celebrations.