Is it good to eat oranges during pregnancy?

Shutterstock: Dejan Dundjerski

When you are pregnant, you might wonder if it is safe to eat certain foods. Oranges are a type of citrus fruit that is available in most supermarkets, and you can find fresh oranges or canned orange slices. In addition, oranges are often processed to make juice that you can drink at anytime of the day. Here is what the experts say about the safety of oranges in your diet during your pregnancy.

Source of Vitamin C
Your body is unable to store vitamin C, but oranges contain a lot of this nutrient. One small orange will provide 85% of the required vitamin C for your daily needs. This means that if you choose a larger orange, then the fruit will likely supply 100% of your daily vitamin C requirements.

Adding Fiber to Your Diet
Pregnant women often have problems with constipation due to hormonal changes in their bodies. Adding fiber to the diet is helpful, and oranges contain natural fiber. If a pregnant woman wants to drink orange juice, then she should choose a variety that contains pulp.

Source of Vitamin B
The human body needs several types of vitamin B for proper nerve function, good eyesight and the growth of red blood cells. This nutrient also maintains your brain’s functions, cell health and energy levels.

Increasing Your Intake of Calcium
A pregnant woman’s body needs calcium to keep her bones and teeth strong while also transporting this nutrient in the bloodstream to the fetus. A large fresh orange will contain approximately 5% of the daily requirements for calcium, but if a pregnant woman is ingesting other calcium-rich foods, then the oranges are integral parts of a healthy diet.

Adding Magnesium to the Diet
It is important for pregnant women to consider the importance of micronutrients, such as magnesium. This nutrient is in oranges, and it offers a multitude of benefits, including improving bone health by assisting with the absorption of calcium. In addition, magnesium can improve mental well-being by reducing anxiety.

Source of Vitamin A
Oranges are also a source of vitamin A that can improve a pregnant woman’s immune system and improve the condition of her skin. Vitamin A also supports the health of the eyes along with keeping the reproductive system in the best condition.

Adding Potassium to the Diet
You may overlook the importance of potassium in your daily diet, but this nutrient helps to control the body’s electrolyte functions. In addition, potassium can help with the prevention of edema in a pregnant woman’s legs. Potassium can also prevent a variety of kidney or heart conditions.

Source of Antioxidants
The bright orange coloration of oranges is a valuable source of antioxidants. This type of nutrient can protect your body’s cells from damage, and it will not cause yellowing of your skin or your infant’s skin.