Understanding your dreams while you are pregnant

Shutterstock.com/ Gladskikh Tatiana

Most women report having very strange dreams during their pregnancy. While this usually causes them stress, in reality, it is nothing to be concerned about. Having a baby, especially the first one, is a huge change to your life and it causes stress and anxiety. This leads to some vivid dreams as a manifestation of your fear and worry. 

One of the most common dreams during pregnancy is your own death. This can be incredibly frightening for a woman that is about to bring new life into the world. The death dream, although alarming, is very normal. Whenever we dream about death it does not mean impending doom. It simply means that change is coming. The dream is your struggle with letting go of the past and embracing the future. The death of the old and the birth of the new. Try and channel your anxiety about the change that is coming into positive excitement about a new chapter in your life.

Another common dream during pregnancy is graphic sex. While sex is often the last thing on a woman’s mind during pregnancy it is quite a normal dream to have, especially during the second trimester. During the first trimester, your body is going through changes that have never happened before. It is strange and your mind almost treats your new body as a stranger. You may experience morning sickness in your first trimester as well. These things put sex about as far away in your mind as possible. When the second trimester comes you are now getting used to your new body shape and your morning sickness is likely finished. The sex dreams are your mind’s way of coming to embrace your body once again. 

A rather strange yet common dream during pregnancy is having a see-through belly. This bizarre dream is simply your excitement to see your child. At this stage you may know its sex, you may have a name, but you have not yet seen it. Your dream state is simply showing that in a really really weird way. 

Other common dreams during pregnancy are fighting, anger, losing your baby and other stressful experiences. These are not predictions of what will happen in the future. It is just your stress and worries about the future. 

Whatever dream you have, try not to panic. If it is a terrifying dream or a happy dream it has no relation to the temperament of your baby or the future life you will have, it is just a strange way of your mind dealing with its stranger thought. If your dreams are starting to bother you try and relax more as stress is likely the key factor. Get a massage or have a long bath and try to forget about your worries.