Understanding your ovaries in regards to pregnancy

Shutterstock: Iryna Inshyna

There are various factors that play into your ability to get pregnant. One of the factors is the size of your ovaries, however, this factor does not dictate if you will easily get pregnant. Nonetheless, the healthier your ovaries are, essentially, the easier it will be for you to conceive a child without outside assistance such as in vitro fertilization. To get a clearer understanding, let us discuss the various factors that affect your ability to conceive.

Factors that make it difficult to conceive

It is important to remember that your ovaries will produce less eggs as you age, therefore, it is wise to consider having children sooner than later in your life.
There are multiple disorders that attack the ovaries such as endometriosis and cysts. These disorders are commonly diagnosed because of the immense pain and abnormal bleeding that accompanies them.
Hormones greatly affect your ability to get pregnant. If you have been diagnosed as infertile, then hormone injections are administered to increase your chances of conception.
Small ovaries means that you have low egg reserves, however, larger ovaries does not guarantee that you have a higher egg reserve. It is also important to remember that large ovaries may be a sign of a disorder such as fibroids or cysts. If these disorders are left untreated, then you may find that your ovaries are enveloped by scar tissue, and you greatly reduce any chance of conception.

How to improve your ovaries as well as eggs

If you are trying to get pregnant, then you can better your chances by exercising regularly and maintaining your weight. It is also very important to learn to manage your stress as well as eat a healthy diet. These simple changes will help strengthen your body and mind, and you will find that your body is far more prepared with using resources to grow another life.

It is also important to make a few changes that will be necessary once you get pregnant. Drinking and smoking are very harmful practices that create problems in regards to conception. This is because both of these substances can dry out your ovaries, and they can also destroy healthy eggs. These two substances are able to get into your bloodstream, and they can even affect your mood; this in turn affects your hormones.

Just remember to be patient, and stay positive while you are trying to get pregnant. If you feel pain or discomfort, then it is wise to visit with your doctor in regards to your symptoms. Alter your lifestyle a little bit at a time if you feel overwhelmed, and add calming practices such as yoga or meditation if you feel extremely stressed.