What foods are safe for a one-year-old?

Shutterstock: Pavel Ilyukhin

Most children endure the teething process between the ages of six to twelve months. And once your baby sports his or her newly formed teeth, you will no doubt want to try them out on solid food. But the question is which foods are safe for your one year old to eat.

Cereal is an all-time classic and many children have cut their teeth on the food both literally and figuratively. Corn flakes are a good selection for your one-year-old because they soften once milk is added and there will be no trouble with digestion

Fish is a great way to introduce your child to the practice of eating meat. Fried fish loses most of its nutritional value so baked and broiled fish are much better options. When feeding your child fish, remember to tear the meat away from the bones so as not to put them at risk of swallowing any of the small bones the fish might contain.

You can cut a cucumber into small slices to make a highly nutritious snack for your child at any time of the day. You should cut the cucumbers lengthwise in the shape of a french fry. A few cucumber sticks are great for preventing dehydration on hot summer days.

The chicken you feed your child should either be organic or certified hormone-free. You should also overcook the chicken just a little bit so that it will be soft enough to feed to your toddler. Similar to fish, tear the cooked meat away from the bone and break into small pieces to avoid any risk of choking.

Vegetable Soup
Vegetable soup is easy for your one-year-old to eat and it provides all the nutritional benefits guaranteed by a bowl filled with vegetables. You can demonstrate some flexibility with the vegetables you choose for your baby’s soup but two good suggestions include potatoes and carrots. These two vegetables will provide fiber and support for good eyesight respectively.

Many vegetarians regularly eat soya granules to provided themselves with a pure source of protein. The protein content and fact soya are soft in texture after it is cooked make it a great food to feed your one-year-old.

Apple sauce is a simple and versatile snack for your one-year-old. Make sure the applesauce you purchase contains only apples and water so that your child gets the nutrition they need from the meal. You will also be ensuring your toddler does not take in a ton of added sugars and additives.

The Bottom Line
The time period in which your one-year-old is getting familiar with the idea of having teeth in his or her mouth will be an exciting time for both you and the toddler. It is also a time when you should exercise extreme caution regarding what you allow your child to eat. The seven foods above provide a solid foundation for you as you build a menu of food for your one-year-old.