When do babies crawl?

Shutterstock: Andrey_Kuzmin

Crawling is an exciting moment in a baby’s life, one most parents eagerly anticipate. Find out when the baby should take off across the floor and have your camera ready. Don’t blink. Precious milestones sneak up on parents before they know it, including the joy of crawling.

A New Way of Life for Baby
Crawling is a big deal for parents -and for babies. It’s their first taste of independence since transportation thus far in life has solely consisted of stroller rides and mom and dad’s arms. When a baby begins to crawl, life as you know it is forever changed.

Baby is now free and independent. She now has improved confidence and an overall improved sense of being. She feels powerful and accomplished. Baby is also extremely curious as she explores her newfound boundaries. Once crawling begins, a baby-proofed home is the only way to keep curious bodies safe from harm.

Check the home for nails, loose boards, and other dangers that lurk around the home. Get down on your knees, on the baby’s level, to find all of the dangers that the baby finds during his explorations across the home. Many parents hire professional baby proofing companies to come into the home to further protect their little bundle of joy.

First Things First
Before the baby takes off crawling across the floor, you’ll notice she does a lot of rocking back and forth on her hands and knees. Crawling is a complex process and the baby is putting together all of the skills she needs to go forward. Some babies rock longer than others, but eventually, they all finally catch on to how the crawling thin work. And they’re off!

Average Crawling Timeframe
So when will all of this greatness occur? No two babies crawl at the same time, but generally speaking, expect it around six- 10 months of age. Rocking may start as early as 4- 5 months. Not every baby crawls. Some babies skip this stage altogether and start walking instead.

Tummy Time Encourages Crawling
Give baby plenty of tummy time to encourage crawling. It strengthens his muscles and upper body, both necessary to master the art of crawling. When it looks as if the baby is doing mini-push-ups, he’s probably at the beginning stages of crawling. And now, mom, the fun has only just begun.