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While you need to plan some important things for your kids and it will likely form some of their greatest memories when they are older, the most important memories will likely be the little things. It is the little moments that define a family and establish bonds that can not be made in a quick or expensive big moment. By building up the little moments over time you are ensuring that your child has a growing bond with you.

While planning a big holiday each year can be important as it makes a child more secure and can provide some great moments, it is the little moments that they will cherish. Some of the past ways to bond with your child are to set aside little moments that they can count on.

One of the first moments you will encounter as a young parent and that your child will come to cherish, is bath time. After a long day, you can be tempted to rush through this moment and get your kids to bed but if you take it slow and treat it as a calming exercise for both you and your child, it will be something you both look forward to.

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If you have more than one kid, a good approach is to have a set night where you take each one for a short walk. Perhaps on a Tuesday, you take your eldest on a Friday take your youngest, etc. This special moment will be an opportunity for you to chat about any issues they are having or just to have a moment together. 

Not all parents are funny and that is perfectly fine. You should still try and have little in-jokes with your kids so they feel like they are part of the fun in the home. It could be as simple as making a silly face when dad turns his back. Or about a neighbor you have. By letting them in on the joke they will feel that they have your respect. 

Reading is an incredibly important moment for you to share with your child. I can still remember being read a book by my mother and it was the highlight of my day back then. Even if your kid knows how to read, offer to read to them occasionally as well. These little moments all add up and will give your child plenty to smile about as they start to grow up.

Don’t be surprised if, as they get older, they want less of these moments. A child’s independence is very important to them and they will come back to you when they are ready. Be there for them when they need it and give them the space they require as well.

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