How to have an affordable holiday at Disneyland


For many children Disneyland is paradise. They have all seen countless movies that start with a magical castle appearing and that movie then makes them laugh, cry, and their heart warm. When children discover that this place called Disneyland actually exists it becomes their biggest dream. Depending on where you live you may be able to make that dream a reality someday. Yet even if you can get over the flights to bring you close to Disneyland, the prices within the venue are just as offputting. Here are our tips on how to make a Disneyland holiday an affordable one.

The first step to making Disneyland a reality for you and your children is booking a flight. Depending on where you live this may be the cheapest or most expensive part of your trip but it is a good place to make savings. Ensure you use a comparison website to look at flight prices over entire months. This will allow you to book the flights on off-peak days. Google itself is quickly becoming the leading flight comparison website. Always delete cookies before you go to purchase flights. Some flight websites track your previous visits and will show an increased price based on your existing interest.

Now that you have booked your cheap flights. It likely means that you will be visiting Disneyland on a weekday while schools are still active. That is perfect. Disneyland actually charges different prices depending on when you visit. Weekend tickets can cost up to $200 each while weekday tickets can be as low as $50. Disneyland is a once in a lifetime holiday for a child so it is well worth taking them out of school for a few days so you can avoid queues and expensive prices.

The domino effect of this strategy will just continue to pay off as hotels in the area will also offer great prices during the offseason. Call some of the nicer hotels in the area and you may be surprised by the great offers they are able to give. 

Disneyland is a money-making machine. Discounts are rarely available for tickets so when they are you should take advantage. At present Disneyland is offering multi-day entry discounts for kids and these are a worthwhile investment. Disneyland is big and you will not be able to see it all in one day or anywhere close. While I am trying to save you money I do encourage that you buy the Mega Pass. It costs around $20 per ticket per day but will allow you to skip the queue for any large ride.

The food at Disneyland is pretty tasty but shockingly expensive. It is best to go with some packed lunches for the day. Try and let the kids enjoy one treat from within the park but don’t let them go too crazy. It is essential that you bring your own water bottles as although water is plentiful in life, it is expensive in the park. The long walk and likely hot day will make you incredibly thirsty, so come prepared.

The other key tip to saving money is to watch out for pickpockets. An unsuspecting family is a perfect target for pickpockets a theme park. Although it may be the happiest place on Earth, don’t be fooled into thinking you can leave your belongings down at any stage. Be careful when others bump into you too and always look after your valuables.

As Disney now owns Marvel and Star Wars the rides and attractions at the park are only getting better and better. There has never been a better moment to visit the land of wonder. Just ensure you are saving every dollar you can when you do.