How to Make a Killer Acai Bowl

Shutterstock / Vladislav Noseek

Acai bowls have taken the world by storm. These tasty, simplistic dishes are succulent and easy to make. While they might seem rather plain to the naked eye, one bit reveals a hidden world of flavors that can aptly be described as confectionary heaven. Originally created in Brazil, acai bowls can now be found around the US. Unlike other incredibly tasty treats, these snacks are quite healthy.

What exactly makes an acai bowl?

For those who haven’t already been captured by this exotic dish, acai bowls are comprised of a smoothie made by crushing acai berries. These bowls are then loaded with a variety of toppings including coconut, granola, almond butter, and fruits.

Where are acai berries from?

As mentioned before, these dishes are native to the South American country of Brazil. Special kinds of palm trees have acai berries growing on them. This tasty dish went from a staple of Brazilian cuisine to a famous superfood in the US. Acai seeds are full of nutrients and antioxidants. Even though you’ll have no trouble finding an acai bowl at a local restaurant or food truck, you could always save some money by making this dish at home.

Where can I get acai?

As the main ingredient in acai bowls, it’s impossible to make this dish without acai berries. Although they’re native to South American, you can easily find these scrumptious berries at many grocery stores in the states. Start by checking in the aisle with frozen fruits since this is usually how acai berries are kept. Sambazon is an established brand known for its acai berries and sustainable practices.

How do you make one of these Brazilian bowls of goodness?

Enough talk about the history of acai bowls and the origin of their ingredients. You want to know how to make these bad boys on your own. Luckily, it’s a rather easy process that anyone can complete within 10 minutes or so. Since acai berries have a tart flavor, it’s advisable to add some sweet fruits to the mix such as mangos, bananas, and pineapples. Follow these steps to nail your first acai bowl.

1. Set your bowls in the fridge or freezer. This helps to preserve the smoothie’s cold temperature once it moves from the mixer to the bowl.
2. Prepare your toppings and place them in one giant bowl. Let your imagination run wild when choosing toppings.
3. Blend the frozen mango, banana, and pineapple until they’re moderately mixed. It’s okay if the mixture is still a bit chunky.
4. Add acai pulp to the mixture with some water and lime juice. Blend until the solution is smoothie consistency.
5. Pour the liquid confection into your frozen bowls, throw on your toppings, and enjoy.

Here are a few bonus tips to make sure your homemade acai bowls are the best around.

Before blending the acai pulp, break it into multiple pieces. If the acai berries are too frozen to break up, place the package under some warm water until it thaws out. Once you’ve broken it into smaller pieces, remove the pul from the wrapping. This step makes it significantly easier to blend the mixture smoothly.

While using a modern blender with a high-speed setting is much easier, you can always use a lower cost blender too. We suggest you stop a few times throughout the blending process to scoop the chunks of fruit and other ingredients off the side of the blender. Adding some water can help to make the concoction blend even better. Don’t add too much though. You don’t want to water down the mix.