Nine red flags to watch for during an interview fizkes

Are you out pounding the pavement for a job, at least metaphorically? If so, you’ve likely been brushing up on your interview skills. There are plenty of things to consider! What should you wear to make the company notice you, how do you answer the most important questions, what should you do after the interview is over- the list may seem endless when you are worried about first impressions.

While there are some worries on your end when it comes to your interviews, you should still be on guard when you’re there in person. Users of Reddit shared the subtle red flags they say to consider when you are out looking for your next job. Keeping reading to hear what they are so that you can be aware of them if they happen to you!

  1. If you aren’t looking to work later than you are scheduled for, ask about overtime. If the employer says that overtime isn’t mandatory yet many workers still work for a few extra hours every day, this is a subtle way of saying that you will be expected to give overtime once you’re hired.
  2. Don’t work for free. Some interviewers will ask a potential applicant if they would have an issue working for free for a few hours here and there. Too many people say they would be okay with it because they want to make a good impression. Remember, your time is valuable. Never work for a company that doesn’t want to pay you for your time and efforts.
  3. Some managers and bosses like to tell applicants that there are a lot of other people wanting to work there, so you should consider yourself lucky to even get the interview. Your employer should be just as happy that you are there for the job.
  4. When you are in the interview, don’t be afraid to ask the hiring manager about the biggest challenge of the position. If they reply with “job security,” this is a big red flag.
  5. It’s not unusual to have to wear clothing that has the name and logo of the company on it once you are hired. However, you should never have to pay for it yourself, especially when you first get the job. A reputable company will provide work uniforms for free.
  6. If the interviewer never shows up or is extremely late for your interview, this may be a big red flag. Any company should always let you know if they are having scheduling conflicts. Allowing you to come in and waste your time isn’t a good look for a business. Remember, your time is just as important.
  7. Have you ever heard the phrase” you’ll wear many hats” when interviewing for a job? It’s okay to be in charge of a few different areas that aren’t exactly in your job description. But watch out for a company that wants you to do the work of five people at once for one paycheck.
  8. Always take a look at reviews from places like Glassdoor before going in. If there are less than favorable ones, don’t be afraid to bring them up in a subtle way to learn more. The interviewer should never get upset over a question, even one that paints their company in a bad light. In fact, they should be more than happy to explain the review from their perspective.
  9. We’ve all been taught to watch how we talk about the pay in the beginning. However, it will be a question once you are further along in the interviewing process. If they continually dodge your questions concerning the pay they are offering, this likely means they aren’t planning to pay you what you are worth or even what you expect. Some companies will also refer to their employees as family over and over again. This may mean they expect you to work more overtime for little to no money.