Woman called off her wedding when she found out her boyfriend was a millionaire

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There are so many stories on the internet about couples who are about to get married but they learn a horrible truth about their future life partner. Most of these stories are shocking and more than a little depressing. This is not one of those stories. This is a story about a woman who found out an incredible truth about her boyfriend of six years. The incredible truth would change her life for the better.

Susan had been dating Mike for six years when she found out his secret. She knew a lot about him already and thought that it was impossible that he was hiding anything from her. He had one wife before they met who had tragically died and had three wonderful children. He also had a small family company that he worked and made a steady income from. After six years he proposed to Susan and the children also asked her to be their new mum. She was madly in love and said yes.

Mike then went away for a week to his family home to help the family take care of some business. When he returned he told Susan that they needed to talk. He sat her down and revealed that the small company his family owned was not small at all, it was a multi-million dollar technology company. Mike was a millionaire. He told Susan that he kept it a secret because if he met someone he wanted to be sure that they loved him and his daughters, not the idea of marrying someone wealthy. Susan was absolutely shocked.

At first, Susan was angry. Mike had concealed a huge part of her life from her for six entire years. He and his daughters lived well but they never overspent and were always smart with money. Was this all an act on her behalf? While Susan understood why Mike would lie about this, it still hurt. She knew he was making a smart move but she was hurt that it took him six years to finally reveal the truth. Had he really not trusted her and not known the reason she loved him for that long?

Susan made a bold move and put a pause on the wedding. While she still wanted to be engaged to Mike she wanted to take the time to get to know the real him now that she knew the truth. Of course, it is no surprise that the more she knew the more she was convinced he was the right man for her. He had not changed anything to lie to her, he was always going to raise his kids in a modest way. He also wanted to tell her so many times during the six years but it was never important and money was never an issue. If it ever had been of course he would have revealed what he had to.

The family trip that he went on was not to tie up loose ends. It was to prepare the family home for his new family. He told Susan that he respected her independence and knew how career-minded she was. He wanted her to pursue whatever life she chose but that she needed to know money was no longer an issue. If she wanted to quit and be a housewife he would support that. If she wanted to pursue her career goals and work long hours, he would support that too. Mike told her that the money she never knew about didn’t have to make any difference to their lives unless she wanted it to. While Susan delayed the wedding for a number of months she soon came around and the pair are now happily married, with three beautiful daughters and millions of dollars.