The growing eyesight problem in children TierneyMJ

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It is a challenge to raise children in the modern world. Gone are the days that we could let our kids outside to play and not worry about them. Gone are the days that they even want to spend a lot of time outside because of the growing influence of digital devices. The changing world is having a serious impact on our kids and the ramifications are endless. New data has now revealed that one of the biggest impacts, is on children’s eyesight.

When you were growing up you may remember that only a small minority of kids in your class had glasses. While as we get older more and more people need them, we are now seeing that more and more young people need them too. In some studies, it has been found that up to 45% of children need glasses. This shocking figure shows that eyesight is a huge problem for the modern child.

The first and most obvious cause is digital devices. For my generation the only digital device, while I was growing up, was a television. I remember my mum telling me to sit to close to the TV or it would hurt my eyes. Today we have kids sitting directly in front of computer and tablet devices. What do we expect the impact to be? 

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If children are in front of these devices, their eyes have to work really hard all the time. This additional strain is having a damaging effect. It is not the only factor that is ruining a child’s eyesight though.

Another factor that is causing a dramatic increase in the percentage of children that are nearsighted is the lack of sunlight. Today children spend less and less time outside and it is bad for their health for a number of reasons. While we always knew that children needed to go outside to replenish their Vitamin D, to be active and exercise, it now appears they need it for one more reason.

Scientists have found that full-spectrum light that can only be gotten from natural sunlight helps to prevent any eye issues. Not only this but it can repair any eye problems that are developing too. While researchers have not got to the bottom of the exact reason why it helps, they know it does. This shows that while time spent in front of a digital device can be really bad for eyesight if they were still getting some outdoor time, it might be able to counteract it. If they are not getting any time in natural light, then they are destined for eye problems. 

Doctors advise limiting the amount of screen time a child has, to ensure that any time spent in front of a screen is done so with the screen a suitable distance away. Finally, ensure that your child is going outside and getting the benefits of natural sunlight whenever possible. All of this can be easily achieved if you just set up a good routine for your kid. Once they are in the pattern they will do it themselves without you needing to correct them. 

If your child is starting to experience eye problems, all is not lost. Left untreated and the condition will just continue to get worse. However, you do have options. There are both eyedrops and corrective glasses that children can use to combat the early onset of myopia. 

While bad eyesight is one of the easiest afflictions to deal with in life, there is no reason to let it form or go untreated. Start correcting your child’s behavior today so that it doesn’t become an issue in the future.

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