Who were the King and Queen who were meant to be together?


The pandemic has caused many disruptions to everyone’s life. While it has resulted in numerous negative outcomes there have been some positives too. It has provided the opportunity to the world to show how caring they can be for their neighbor, to help those who need it, to catch up on a lot of TV shows, and much more. Today we want to talk about two people in particular who got married because of the pandemic and have never been happier.

Greg Dabice and Janet Jaramillo were both incredibly popular in high school in 1992. They went to the same school in the same year but were part of different cliques and so never really spoke to each other apart from passing nods. Their lives only really became intertwined for the first time during their final homecoming when Greg was pronounced homecoming King and Janet, homecoming Queen. The pair were whisked off on a parade so didn’t even get to speak that night but both remember a moment of eye contact that was too fleeting.

Greg and Janet went separate ways and lived their lives. Janet studied, got married, started her own company, and had two children. Greg too went to university and became an engineer. He too got married, and he had five kids. On paper their lives were set in stone yet in 2016 both marriages ended in divorce and both Greg and Janet’s lives were rocked. As they slowly got over their failed marriages both turned to social dating applications.

Greg and Janet both used Bumble as they felt it was a little more friendly than Tinder and had a greater chance of finding them the one. One day when looking at their new connections Greg noticed something familiar about Janet. He wasn’t sure so he sent a screenshot to one of his old classmates and asked: “is that Janet Jaramillo from high school, the Homecoming Queen?” His friend confirmed and told him to go get his queen.

Greg did just that and they immediately hit it off. They started dating right away and found they had so much in common from their childhood to their marriages, to their kids. They felt like they were made for each other. When the pandemic struck Greg couldn’t deal with the idea of being apart from Janet. He decided to propose. Janet, of course, said yes (or we wouldn’t be writing this report) and the pair got married before their lockdowns began.
There was only one fitting place for them to get married – the same football field where they had been announced as King and Queen. The pair got married with the football mascot the one to deliver the rings. The King and Queen have now been reunited and with seven kids to their name, they have the large family that a royal family is often known for.

Life can be unpredictable and Greg and Janet’s story is the best proof we have had for a long time. If you had asked them in 1993, one year after homecoming, where they would end up, neither would have picked their homecoming partner as the likely end result. If you had asked them in 2015, one year before their divorces, where they would end up, neither would have picked a new marriage. If you asked them now where they will end up they would both likely say the same thing. Together with their royal partner forevermore. We hope that their marriage works out and that the royal pair continue to tell this story until they are old and grey and their grandkids are tired of hearing it. We never know what life has in store for us around the corner, all we can do is enjoy the journey.