The new banana rule for your household JRP Studio

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There are some house rules that every home has without the need to say them. Always replace the toilet roll, it is just common courtesy. Always have some chilled water in the fridge (at least this is understood in my home, but no one mentions it). Last to bed closes the windows and locks the doors. Whatever the rules are in your home, I am sure there are some, they are obeyed without any discussion. They are for the greater good of the home and they are in many ways just common sense. I would like to add one rule to your household right now. Always have three bananas frozen. It sounds strange but please come with me on this frozen banana journey and allow me to explain.

Ice cream is one of the greatest creations in the world, no one is arguing against that. However, it is pretty unhealthy. While we all deserve an ice cream treat from time to time the reality is that no one can eat as much ice cream as they want. In addition, there are many lactose-intolerant people in this world who pay an ever-greater price when they eat ice cream. The good news is there is a healthy alternative to ice cream that is also incredibly tasty. Bananas. 

It sounds simple, it sounds too good to be true, but trust me. When you freeze fruit and blend it basically turns into shards of nothing. Except for bananas. Bananas have more sugar than water so when you blend them they become almost like ice cream. They have a thick texture that is just perfect. This base can be paired with so many things to make it an incredibly delicious treat.

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It doesn’t even have to be used to make ice cream, having frozen bananas in your freezer is a fantastic versatile option. However, for now, let’s stick to ice cream. When I first discovered this treat I usually just used fresh strawberries on top of my ice cream to make a great treat. That was the beginner level, that was a rookie attempt.

Since then I have expanded my choices and I have never looked back. There is no longer a need for ice cream at my house. When I am feeling like a treat and have earned it, I mix the banana with some vanilla whey protein. This is a tasty way to get my protein intake higher for the day and it ticks off the need for a sweet treat. 

I have also found that a variety of nuts go so well with the banana ice cream. My personal favorite is to chop up some macadamia nuts and chocolate shavings on top. The other flavor direction I go-to is a mixture of peanut butter and cinnamon, sometimes with slices of apple on top, sometimes without.

The other idea is to have a larger treat and top it off with the banana ice cream. I love brownies so much and a slice of brownie with two scoops of banana ice cream on top, wow. Ok, I agree that is not healthy but it is healthier than if I choose real ice cream. The same goes for apple pie.

To prepare the banana for the freezer, choose one that is ripe, a few brown spots are showing. This means the sugar content is higher and it is a little sweeter. Peel your banana (never freeze a banana with the peel still on, a lesson I learned the hard way). Cut the banana into one inch thick slices and freeze in a container. Whenever you use some frozen banana, replace it. If you ever buy too many bananas and some start to turn bad, freeze them. Perfection.

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