Why vasectomies are great

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Vasectomies are growing in popularity as more and more people try to plan their approach to parenting while still enjoying sexual intercourse with their partner. A vasectomy is the most common solution to this problem. It is a fantastic option but care must be taken before proceeding. 

The easiest option

The vasectomy is the easiest way of being able to no longer have kids while continuing to have sex. While women could also have a procedure, known as tubal ligation, it is an easier procedure for men with far fewer possibilities of complications. Not only that but it is sort of only fair that the man takes on this responsibility. After all, if you have had kids, the woman in your life has likely gone through 9 months of pregnancy and many hours of labor to bring those kids into the world. The least you can do is bear the burden this time.

It is not really a burden

While most men hate to admit it, a vasectomy is not a big deal and doesn’t need to be treated like one. The level of pain you will experience is minimal and after a couple of days, you will be back to normal. Many men do say it is a painful procedure but most are just looking for a little extra sympathy.

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Some men say they don’t like the idea of a vasectomy because it makes them feel like less of a man. This is just nonsense. The truth is they have no idea how much sperm is in their semen before having a vasectomy and no contest for manliness was ever solved by checking a sperm count. 

Makes your sex life better

Men often argue that it will impact their sexual performance. It doesn’t. In fact, it will make your sex life much better. Now you can have sex as often as you want without the fear of having children. 

The side effects

There are some short term side effects to be aware of. There may be some bleeding in the scrotum, some bruising, some swelling, some blood in the semen, and a bit of discomfort. Most of this should pass in a few days and if it takes any longer you should see a doctor. The possible long term effects are chronic pain, inflammation, a fluid build-up with associated pain, swelling, and cysts. Long term side effects are unlikely but if you have them see a doctor straight away.

The myths

There are many other things said about vasectomies that are just not true. They do not increase the risk of cancer, they will not impact your sexual performance or the appearance of your sexual organs. They will not cause a large amount of pain. This is why they are not a big deal.

The rest

The recovery time from a vasectomy is just a few days. Men should avoid any exercise and sex and any bruising or swelling is normal. If there is any sign of an infection you should see a doctor straight away. 

A vasectomy means that sperm can no longer travel to the semen and therefore pregnancy can not occur. However, there may already be sperm in the semen so for the first 12 weeks doctors advise you do not stop using alternative forms of contraception. They estimate that the first 20 times someone ejaculates there will still be some sperm in the semen. Be careful. The last thing you want is a vasectomy and a pregnancy.

It is possible to reverse a vasectomy but it is not easy. It is more painful, more complicated, and more expensive. If you do decide to have a vasectomy make sure it is a decision you will be happy with for life.

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